Market Loss Policy

When purchasing from Kesef Silver Company, your order is confirmed with an order and confirmation number and the price for the product(s) included in your confirmed order (the “Confirmed Purchase Price”) is established for you.  Once this confimation number as been assigned for your order, you cannot cancel the confirmed order.  However, at any time after your confirmed order has been paid for, but before it has been shipped, the Confirmed Purchase Price may be offset (product sold back to Kesef Silver Company) at our lowest asking price on the day that Kesef SIlver Company receives your written request for such an offsetting transaction (the “Offset Amount”).  An email from the email address in your account information will be accepted as a written request.  If payment in full for Your confirmed order is not postmarked within 1 business day after your order is confirmed for Personal Check, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order transactions, or received within 1 business day after your order is confirmed for Bank Wire transactions, your confirmed order may be offset and the Offset Amount will be determined as of the last day upon which payment would have been timely.  If the Offset Amount is less than the Confirmed Purchase Price, such deficiency is your responsibility, and you shall remain liable to Kesef Silver Company for that amount.  For any offsetting transaction, a $30 administrative fee will be charged to you and Kesef Silver Company shall have no liability to you for the product(s) included in your confirmed order.  Any market gain on any offsetting transactions shall remain the sole property of Kesef Silver Company.

if you have any questions about our market loss policy, please use the Contact Form BEFORE placing your order.

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